View Full Version : More BS from the MSM

04-12-2009, 04:47 PM
There was a shooting at a cafe in Rotterdam last Friday night. According to the UPI,


Shootings are rare in the Netherlands, where legal ownership of guns by civilians is almost impossible. But guns are relatively easy to smuggle in from Belgium, where laws are less restrictive, the report said.

Which is of course complete BS. You can own just about anything here. All the guns that were illegal in the US during the AWB were available for purchase in the NL and still are. Have a look at what is on offer from a gun shop at the Hague.


What they are not saying is the name of the shooter. Under Dutch privacy laws, the last name of a criminal suspect is not published but you usually get a good idea when the criminal is identified as Johan V or Mohammed G. You get the idea why they are not identifying the shooter by his first name.