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04-16-2009, 10:26 AM
My asshole still hurts like hell after sending that Obama fucker that check for $7 large yesterday!

Decided that I ain't playing that shit next year, looked at all my tax liabilities for next year. Saw about $20 large in income that we didn't need to earn, and decided to shut down the last two oil wells we had running. Oil in the ground is more valuable than those Obama dollars will be next year, and if it is in the ground I don't have to pay all those fucking taxes on it!

Going to Civitan meeting at 11. Taking a bag lunch and flipping a bird at the treasurer. I pay me dues, and the fucking annual assessment, and he voted for Obama so fuck him and them!

Stopping by one troublesome rent house. Needs more repairs that the annual rent. Gonna fix it, that is a write-off that creates value for us and fucks Obama. Plus, our renter cleans our house for a discount on the rent! She is too stupid to have voted, so no help fort Obama there!

Going by the pharacy to pick up my prescriptions, $3 copay on each! Socialism at its best!

Fuck You Obama, raise the taxes on the rich? How's that working for you? I too read <i>Atlas Shrugged!</i>

And of course, Fuck You Frank!