View Full Version : " If I only had a brain" Washington DC version

04-20-2009, 06:01 PM
Sung to the tune If I only had a brain
verse 1
I could while away the hours
just thinkin bout my powers and givin our money away
think bout the coin i'm makin
from the nation I been rapin
if i only had a brain


I can tell you we'll be kickin in your doors
cause i'd think of laws i never thought before
then i'd just sit down and i'd think up some more
cause there's never been another
with a head so full of blubber
bout the things that i wanna change

verse 2

when your heads an empty kettle
and your soul's made out of mettle
and you wanna tear the world apart
you can bet your hat darn tootin
i'd tear up the constitution
If i only was that smart


i can't imagine you believe the things i say
cause without a single thought you go my way
i'll have osama over on the balcony
so we can talk about the way that things should be

verse 3

i'd be friends with all the arabs
shoot all republicans with arrows
and it's sad that you believe
cause there just ain't no denien
that to you i beena lyin
and i'll only lie some more

yea i'm gonna take away all your guns
and your first amendment rights just for fun
you'll have to do every thing i say
cause if not i'll just up and lock your a$$ away

verse 4

then they'll be no hesitatin cause
the feds will come aradin
and so happy i will be
yea i'll have complete control
there will be no votin poles
when i become your king


when every things the way that it outta be
and everyone will know that i am your king
and every one will do just what i say
cause you'll be payin through your nose along the way

verse 5

will all live happily together
in utopia forever will be a world of one
and things will be much better
cause i'll hold it all together
when i become the one!