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Old 03-04-2011
Omegaman Omegaman is offline
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BINGO!! The first truly thought out response yet. You've grasped the concept of what I was trying to say perfectly.

As for some replies below that Mormons don't shun their relatives, I call BULLSHIT. If you leave that Church, you will be ex-communicated and shunned, period!!!

I also grew up in a cult (JW's) that practiced the very same sort of shunning. See, they feel that they are actually showing "Christ-Like Love" by shunning their family members......they feel that by cutting them off, humiliating them, and making them an outcast, that the ex-member will see the error of their ways and come crawling back to the religion in order to get their families back. This is a form of manipulation, emotional blackmail in essence, and it is so sickening that I could vomit.

You also hit on a very good point, that this type of manipulation starts early, from the time they are born. They don't truly have "free will" in the sense that most of us have. It is a form of mind-control actually, and Steve Hassan (a cult expert) touches on this subject a good deal. It's like Povlov's Dogs.......not really how people would act, but more of a conditioned response. This is what leads to such a high mental illness and suicide rate among cults.

My own late mother worked as an RN for nearly 10 years in a Psychiatric Ward of a hospital. Know what religions most patients were that were admitted? Those that are typically considered Cults. JW's, Mormons, Moonies, etc.

- OM
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