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Old 05-17-2010
Omegaman Omegaman is offline
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Frank T, stop posting as Slugo, your douchebag liberal agenda is sickening to me!! FU Frank!!!

Really, no way could I believe that Slugo would actually be AGAINST GUN RIGHTS?????? You're sick Frank, SICK!!!!

Down here in York County, we've had "open carry" for as long as I know of. It's probably 'cause back in the good 'ol days the Klansmen liked to be able to just open up on a "grouping" of the local "darkies" if they git out 'er order, Lillie Bell Allen style!!!

Don't know if you've noticed or not, but in York City the thugs and ghetto gang-bangers don't really care about little things like "Carry Laws" and ATF restrictions against full autos. The thugs just carry full auto MAC-10's and shit down here and spray rivals at about 2 AM on East College Avenue or West Princess Street. Want to wind up dead? Just happen to be walking your dog at about 2 AM on one of those streets and you'll be having a date with a toe-tag!!!

"Open Carry" down here means that if you try and rip off your dealer, etc....they are going to open up their Glocks while "side-aiming", FOOL!!!!!

I've open carried to the York Gun Show and while going to gun shops, etc in the area. Never a problem.

- OmegaMan
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