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Old 05-17-2010
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Originally Posted by Slugo View Post
you don't open carry your piece though, do you. I want to be armed most of the time, I just don't want it to be known...
Since I got my DB380 I'm armed ALL of the time. If you want to walk around like you're in the Wild West, well I won't stop you. I think you'll get alot of stares, though. I have a concealed weapons permit so I'm good.

I'll never forget that fat trailer-park trash mother in our area that carried her Glock openly on her side to her kid's soccer games, and then wondered why the local Sheriff revoked her CC permit. What a fucking moron!! She claimed it was because of her husbands "Work". Ha!! They divorced or something, and the husband ended up breaking back into her home and killed her with her own pistol, then offed himself!! The irony there was just too much. All mouth and show, and no real practice and range time, or else she would be alive and the ex would be a memory. This was a case of some fat-mouthed loser making all of the rest of the gun owners look rediculous. It was awful.

Want to carry open and scare off the koons, be my guest!! I won't stop you.

Question: Will you aim sideways like the gang-bangers do when pop a cap in some mo' fo's azzzzzzz?


- OmegaMan
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